Gonna drop down a few lines about a friend that I can go on forever telling you about his talent!   The first time I ever corresponded with Eric Crawley I became immediately impressed.  This rocker reaches out and listens and gives and gives then reaches out and gives some more.   After listening to his music, I was like wow!  Very polished, very hot, very good rock music.  You immediately ask yourself "Why isn't this music played on the airwaves all over the world"?  Then you come to the realization: It will!  It is all here and the dude is a very decent human being!  I must say that I am proud to have Le Mystique on the roster with bands with the likes of Crawley.   Now the music!  The first of the Reverbnation is "High and Low"My fave!  Love this tune!  Goes through my head! (Find myself humming this tune in the course of my daily routine) I shit you not!  Happened to be playin Pearl Jam on Sirius in the other room and had Crawley on the comp.  The voices were very similar but Crawley blows Vedder away!  Yeah, I'm not even messin'! (Vedder is a fellow Evanston, IL native..., Seattle transplant)  Eric has pipes! That scream of \m/!!!! The next song "Today"  begins with acoustic guitar and very pastoral and reflective.  The song very well written...,excellent as a matter of fact!  Picks up at the second go round of the hook! Well done bros! Love the infectious lead guitar!  It's one of those riffs that get into your head! I really think at the very least, Crawly will end up with a major distribution deal.  That's the just the least of it.  I clearly see a major break for Crawley!  Here.., just listen to yourselves!



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