John Maun

Today's feature of Bloggin' from the Noggin is a friend and most talented singer/songwriter with par excellent musicianship.  John is making music from way up there in the Rockies of Colorado.  I'd say that would give a bit of inspiration in writing music.  But Mr. Maun has exceptional talent!   The current repertoire begins with "Faded Away"  This is s delightful tune!  Very easy to listen to! This song has some real Cat Stevens qualities. (That is when known as Cat Stevens) What a smooth and very strong voice that is very pleasant. The acoustic melody provides such a happy feel.  There are some brilliant Chromatic runs that add a sweet touch.  Oh how I love the sound of dual acoustics so beautifully complimenting one another.  "Pavement Picasso" WOW!  This is so smooth! Just love these vocals! Excellent E-guitar work in this one.  A sweet tune with a touch of crunch! Oh and the sax! This draws any and everyone into this tune!  "That Place Called Home"  There is a bit of indie rock sound here!  NIce harmonies! I'd say there is a touch of Randy Newman here! ATTENTION MUSIC DIRECTORS!!! This song needs to be in a motion picture soundtrack!  John Maun places a very nice balance between acoustic and crunch!  He also has pipes!!! listen here for yourselves:

You may purchase this music over here:

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